Lottery results mahajana sampatha 4365

National Lotteries Board Mahajana Sampatha Lottery 12-01-2021 January 2021 Draw Number 4365 Results. Mahajana Sampata 12-01-2021 sweep winning numbers Lottery Name Mahajana Sampatha Date 12-01-2021 Draw No. 4365 View Results. National Lotteries Board started the first set in the year 1963

4365 lottery results sampatha mahajana

The money that is made through this goes into different causes which have come out to be good usage of money. Their vision is to add to the socio-economic development in the state. You will have the option to choose from a wide variety of lotteries which have been listed on the official website. Have a look at the winners that will be declared today

Mahajana 4365 lottery results sampatha

The NLB Vasana Sampatha lottery only happens on Mondays and Thursdays of every week. Earlier, the lottery gave out the prices in the form of motorbikes, sewing machines etc. , now cash prize is also offered. Each number that matched will get you Rs. 20 while the mega prize will get you Rs. 20,980,633 today. NLB results today - Winners of NLB Vasana Sampatha  In Neegora, you have to match the four numbers and one zodiac sign

4365 lottery results mahajana sampatha

This lottery happens on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. The super prize this week will win you a total amount of Rs. 14,193,746. According to the contribution put up on the site, 10% of the turnover will be given to the National Kidney Fund. NLB results today - Winners of NLB Neegora  In NLB Mahajana Sampatha, people have to match six numbers and one alphabet

Results sampatha 4365 lottery mahajana

This lottery happens on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday every week. The next super prize will get you a total amount of Rs. 10,230,882. This lottery is one of the oldest in the history of lotteries. Around 16.5% of the turnout will go to the Consolidated Fund

Results mahajana 4365 lottery sampatha

NLB results today - Winners of NLB Mahajana Sampatha The Govisethu lottery happens on every day of the week. The sequence consists of four numbers and one alphabet. You will win around Rs.73,921,104 if you win this lottery today. This lottery aims at contributing to the welfare of the farmers

Mahajana 4365 lottery sampatha results

Read Manipur Lottery Results Today 28.02.2020: Singam Vinca Day Lottery Results Live Also read Toto Singapore Lottery Results For February 27, 2020: Check Toto Draw NLB results today - Winners of NLB Govisethu  In NLB Daru Diri Sampatha lottery, you will have a sequence of four numbers and one alphabet. This lottery happens on Thursday every week. If you win this week, you will get a prize money of Rs. 5,198,860.90

Results sampatha lottery 4365 mahajana

There are also special prizes available here like Toyota Vigor and a motorcycle. The money from here goes to low-income families and special talented children. NLB results for today - Winners of NLB Daru Diri Sampatha Image courtesy: Canva Read Powerball Australia Lottery Results, Winning Numbers For Tonight, Feb 27Also read DLB Results Feb 26: Ada Kotipathi, Saturday Fortune, Lagna Wasan, Development Fortune. Prize Structure From right to Left All 6 Numbers and Letter Correct Super Prize Starting from Rs. 10 Million All 6 Numbers Correct 2,000,000Last 5 Numbers Correct 100,000Last 4 Numbers Correct 10,000Last 3 Numbers Correct 1,000Last 2 Numbers Correct 100Number Correct 20Prize Structure – From  Left to Right First 5 Numbers Correct 10,000First 4 Numbers Correct 1,000First 3 Numbers Correct 100First 2 Numbers Correct 50Only Letter Correct 2

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